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Buy Weed Online Nova Scotia, Canada Online Dispensary High Quality Shop Now    We have a wide array of products ranging from flower, concentrates, and edibles. Our products are the best quality on the East Coast Buy Weed Online New Brunswick, Canada In Nova Scotia Best Dispensary Shop Now    Opened in 2021 Maritime Medicinals is going to provide Nova Scotia and the surrounding Maritime Provinces with the best medicinal grade flower, concentrates, and edibles.

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8 Main St. Halifax, NS

Mon – Fri : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Please contact us about special bulk pricing for 2 lb orders or more.

E-mail: contact@maritimemedicinals.ca

Wickr: MaritimeMedic

SnapChat: MaritimeMeds

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Cannabis Strains

We have a great selection of indica, hybrid, and sativa flowers. The best quality for the best price! Buy Bulk Weed Online


Alien Bubba – AAA


Pink Bubba – AAA


Tom Ford Pink – AAA


Gorilla Glue #4 – AAA


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In addition to our great flower selection we also offer edibles, concentrates, and vaporizers. So your choice and the best quality Buy Bulk Weed Online in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada.

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