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Blue Dream – AAA


Blue Dream is a sativa-prevailing mixture pot strain made by intersection Blueberry with Haze. This strain delivers a fair high, alongside impacts like cerebral excitement and full-body unwinding. Blue dream is 18% THC however has a low CBD rate, making this intense strain a fan top pick of both amateur and veteran marijuana purchasers. As far as flavor, Blue Dream is accounted for to smell and have an aftertaste like sweet berries. Clinical maryjane patients regularly utilize Blue Dream to treat indications of sadness, constant agony, and sickness. As per home develop aficionados, this strain has a normal blossoming season of 67 days and is the most appropriate to develop utilizing the Sea of Green strategy. Blue Dream started in California and has since accomplished incredible status among West Coast strains and has in no time become one of the most-looked for strains in the Leafly data set.

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Blue Dream