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Citrus Sap – AAA+


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Cannabis hybrid Citrus Sap was created by combining Tangie and GG4 (also known as Gorilla Glue #4), two well-known sativa-dominant strains. Citrus sap has stimulating rather than calming effects. Customers claim that this strain can lift your spirits while letting your body unwind. Citrus Sap has 19% THC, making it a wonderful strain for cannabis users with expertise. This strain has a strong perfume and a flavour reminiscent of delicious mandarin oranges. Citrus Sap is preferred by medical marijuana users to treat the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Growers claim that this strain produces pointed, bright green nugs with frosted trichome tips as it flowers. Growers should anticipate a high calyx-to-leaf ratio from citrus sap, which has a high yield.


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