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Jetfuel OG – AAA


The 303 Seeds hybrid marijuana strain Jet Fuel, also known as “G6,” “Jet Fuel OG,” “Jet Fuel G6,” “Jet Fuel Kush,” and “G6 Kush,” has uplifting effects that may reduce anxiety. With a THC content of 20%, Jet Fuel is the best cross of some of the most well-known Diesel strains. We are left with a hybrid after crossing Aspen OG with High Country Diesel that blooms in 9 to 10 weeks and retains the genetic ancestry of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel. The name Jet Fuel refers to more than just the strain’s delicious, strong diesel smells. Additionally, it denotes a burst of uplifting effects with strong energy that will gradually level down and dull you.

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