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King Bubba – AAAA Oz


King Bubba is a hybrid strain that has a 60% indica/40% sativa ratio and is slightly indica dominant, while it is said to be connected to Bubba Kush. You should give King Bubba a try if you’re a fan of the Bubba family. With a mouthwatering flavour and a calming high, this bud offers the best of Bubba and will have you relaxed and ready to munch on anything in sight. This flower has a traditional spicy-sweet woody flavour with hints of savoury herbs and spices. As the nugs are smoked off, the perfume becomes more earthy and woodsy with a spicy undertone. The traditional euphoric effects of the King Bubba high will leave you feeling uplifted and content, along with a sense of physical relaxation that will help heal sore muscles almost immediately. Your body will progressively lapse into physical sleepiness while you experience euphoria and have an unfocused head that causes you to laugh and converse with those around you. These effects make King Bubba ideal for treating chronic stress or anxiety, arthritis, glaucoma or eye pressure, appetite loss or anorexia, migraines or headaches, due to its high 20-21% average THC level. This flower contains big, chunky nugs in the shape of grapes that are dusty green, thin orange hairs, and a thick frosty coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

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