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Major League Premium Pen – 1.1g Premium Distillate


These major league pens contain 1.1g of premium THC distillate.

Just add which flavour you want to your order notes!

Peach- Sativa, Apricot – Sativa, Lemon Head- Sativa, Birthday Cake- Sativa, Swedish Fish- Hybrid, Watermelon-Hybrid, Fruit Burst- Hybrid, Fruit Burst- Hybrid, Bubble gum-Hybrid, Kool-Aid-Hybrid, Fruit Loops-Hybrid, Honey-Hybrid, Green Apple- Hybrid, Blue Raspberry-Indica, Sour Razzles-Indica, Strawberry Lemonade-Indica, Marshmallow-Indica, Smarties-Indica, Tropicana-Indica, Hardcore Og-Indica, Monster Cookies -India, Banana Split- Indica, Skittles-Indica, Sleepwalker -Indica, Red Bull- Indica, Cotton Candy-Indica, Coca Cola – Indica, Live Safer (Hybrid)