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Space Cadet OG Top Shelf Shatter


With its citric, peppery, and herbal qualities, Space Cadet OG is a well-balanced strain that will take patients by storm. Euphoria, relaxation, and focus are some of this strain’s benefits, which are also known to help with stress relief, exhaustion, and chronic pain. Anytime you need a calming and centering boost, this flower is ideal because of the slight body high and creative energy it produces.

A hybrid marijuana strain called Space Cadet was created by mating Romulan and Cinderella 99. This strain has extremely quick and psychedelic effects. Space Queen is your ticket if you like a buzzy head high. This strain has a cherry, vanilla, and apple scent. Growers claim that Space Cadet has big, resinous buds that produces a lot of flowers.

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