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Tally Mon – AAA


A balanced hybrid marijuana strain called Tally Mon, commonly referred to as “Tally Man,” was created by mating a Banana OG x Do-Si-Dos strain with papaya. This strain is prized for its capacity to heighten sexual excitement as well as its uplifting and calming effects. After smoking Tally Mon, some users have described experiencing a slight tingling feeling and a strong couch-lock. The flavour characteristic of this strain is nutty, and it has a banana-like scent. Tally Mon usually has a lot of THC, so it’s best to start out slowly with this strain until you know how it affects you. This strain is preferred by medical marijuana users to help with symptoms of lethargy, sadness, and other mood disorders. Growers claim that Tally Mon has fluffy, light-green foliage that is covered with trichomes.

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