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TastyTHC Gummies – 600mg THC 50mg CBD per PACK


These gummies contain 600 mg THC and 50 mg CBD per pack which contains 12 gummies. Each gummie would contain 50 mg THC and 4-5 mg CBD.

Just add which flavor you would prefer to your order notes

Flavor list:

Sour Apple Rings (Indica), Sour Cola Bottles (Indica), Tangy Strawberries (Indica), Sour Blue Feet (Indica), Assorted (Indica), Sweet Bananas (Indica), Sour Peaches (Indica), Stoner Worms (Indica), Fried Caribbean Fish (Hybrid), Mini Sour Keys (Hybrid), Sour Blue Raspberries (Indica), Stoner Watermelons (Hybrid), Sour Blue Feet (Sativa), Sour Cola Bottles (Sativa), Tangy Strawberries (Sativa), Assorted (Sativa), Sour Apple Rings (Sativa), Sweet Bananas (Sativa), Stoner Patch Gummies (Sativa), Sour Canna Cherries (Indica), Sour Canna Grapes (Indica), Sweet Banana (Hybrid), Sour Apple Rings (Hybrid), Sour Canna Cherries (Hybrid), Stoner Worms (Hybrid), Sour Peaches (Hybrid), Super Sour Belts (Hybrid), Sour Peaches (Sativa), Sour Blue Raspberries (Sativa)