Sequoia Strawberry – AAAA+


The traditional White Strawberry X White Nightmare strains were crossed to form the sativa-dominant hybrid strain Sequoia Strawberry, which is 70% sativa and 30% indica. The cannabis community knows Sequoia Strawberry for its delicious flavour, which is compared to that of a freshly harvested, ripe strawberry, despite its rarity outside of California. Not to be undervalued is the aroma, which has a strong overtone of sweet strawberries accentuated by a hint of herbal kush that blends in nicely with the berry scent. Surprisingly, sequoia strawberries also resemble strawberries. They have tightly packed, brilliant green nugs in the shape of grapes, along with light reddish orange hairs and a scattering of amber-colored crystal trichomes.

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