Titan’s Haze – AAAA


Titan’s Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was produced by crossing the notorious Skunk #1X Haze strains at 75% sativa and 25% indica OR 85% sativa and 15% sativa. Titan’s Haze, like its parent strains, releases a pungent earthy scent along with a delectable fresh skunky aroma when the nugs are split up and smoked. The flavour is earthy, sweet skunk with a wonderful, biting aftertaste that has a hint of sweetness. The medium-sized, dense, very leafy, forest green cone-shaped nugs on this bud have a fine coating of crystal transparent trichomes, sweet sticky resin, and dark red fuzzy hairs. The initial intellectual effects of the Titan’s Haze high are followed by a hallucinogenic haze that inspires creativity.

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